War on Christmas

War on Christmas.    Where?   I see Christmas decorations in every store (starting the day after Halloween) and in every town.   I hear Christmas music on the radio, in malls, in elevators, in restaurants.    People can’t say Merry Christmas anymore.    Who can’t?    I hear it constantly.  Yes, I also hear Happy Holidays but then again, I’ve heard that since I was a child.  Why would anyone be offended by that?  Isn’t it a way to say Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all rolled up in one quick expression?  Isn’t Happy Holidays a common courtesy to say to someone who may be Jewish or Hindu or Muslim?  Where did this idea of  a ”War on Christmas” come from?  Why do certain organizations keep ranting about this legendary ‘war’ ?  Let’s be cautious about mindlessly eating what we’re being fed this holiday season.

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