Hatred of other destroys us all

In our current political climate there is so much distrust and outright hatred that we will all suffer in the end no matter who the “winner” is.  Those who are deliberately stoking the flames of this fire are winning.  And it is happening on both sides of the political theater.  All of us in the 99%, regardless of the side we think we are on, are losing.  The strategy of divide and conquer is alive and well in the USA and the only winners will be the 1%.  The rest of us will continue to point our fingers at our neighbors, friends and family, accusing the other of ruining our country when in fact, we allowed  ourselves be manipulated and divided.  The antidote is to continually infuse feminine energy into our culture and our politics (that is done by both male and female players) in order to balance out the overabundance of masculine energy currently in power. We can do this – we just need to keep our wits about us and consistently remind ourselves to stop playing into the politics of fear and hatred.

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