How to Participate

Each individual will choose the most meaningful place and method of participating. It is hoped that the majority of people will gather within a group to enhance the sense of community. However, if solitude is important for you to feel most truly connected to your spiritual center, then that is the perfect way for you to be involved.

Family groups, churches/synagogues/mosques/temples, yoga groups, hiking buddies, college friends, work colleagues, neighborhoods, sport teams, meditation circles … the list of the types of group you can organize or join to be a part of this day is endless.

Possible places to gather are also endless: in a community building, a park, a field, a beach, a home, a mountaintop, a lakeside, around a campfire – wherever you will feel most comfortable and at peace.

Once you have decided on the group and the place, you can plan ahead of time to spend the day, the weekend, or just the hour together. You will decide how to prepare your minds, souls, spirits for this moment of world-wide focus. Each individual and group will send their intentions/prayers/meditations for healing upon the Earth into the Universe. You can do this silently, choose a leader to speak and guide the group’s thoughts, or physically via dance, walking meditation, etc.

At precisely 12:00 midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) for 10 minutes, we will all, throughout the world, be as one with the pure intent of bringing healing and renewal to the Earth. This will be a powerful moment in Time!

To determine what time it will be where you are located at 12:00 midnight GMT on 21 June 2014, click here:

Start planning now.   And as the Summer Solstice approaches, keep an eye on the blog for thoughts and ideas for this event.

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