Parvisani (par-vee-SAH-nee)

The word Parvisani comes from the Latin roots “par/pario” – to bring forth; “vis” – life; “ani” – soul/consciousness; and “risi” (the third, fifth, sixth, and last letters) – laughter/joy. So, Parvisani is the bringing forth of an evolved consciousness into our lives with laughter and joy sprinkled throughout!


Two Circles


The Parvisani symbol consists of two circles, one inside the other. The outer circle symbolizes the universe, the creator, consciousness. The inner circle represents the earth. The two circles combine to form a moon which reflects the seasons, growth, transformations, the feminine divine. In the center of the symbol is the eye of god: it is wisdom and watchfulness. The lines of the symbol are imperfect – deliberately so: wabi-sabi, from Zen Buddhism, is the ability to see beauty in imperfection.

Parvisani symbolizes connection with our feminine energy:  nurturing, compassionate, relational, cooperative, nonviolent, harmonious. The presence of this symbol encourages us to bring healing to the earth and its beings – each action, small or large,  done sincerely with compassion and joy heals our world and counterbalances many negative or violent actions.

The Dalai Lama has stated his belief that women will save the world.  Parvisani is suffused with this spirit.

Parvisani is a movement dedicated to balancing the masculine energy that currently dominates our social, political, and religious systems with an equivalent amount of feminine energy. Parvisani encourages everyone to think more deeply about the messages we receive from our governments; our political, religious, social organizations; and the media: many men and women are lulled into an out-of-balance masculine mindset and belief system. It is time to equalize the energies for a more just, peaceful, compassionate, healthy world.

“When feminine energy is in balance with masculine energy in the political and social power structures, the world will begin to heal.”

—Bonnie Warren