Our Founder


Bonnie Warren

On a June night in 2005, Bonnie sent a prayer/an intention into the Universe. The next morning she awoke with a mission. She thought that the peace sign and movement were wonderful but that there should be a symbol and movement that would reflect much more, that would reflect an evolving consciousness and an infusion of feminine energy into an out-of-balance, male dominated world . Parvisani was born. As she doodled that morning while reflecting on this new concept, an image emerged: the Parvisani symbol.


Parvisani is spiritual but not religious.

Although Bonnie was raised a strict Catholic, she does not belong to a particular church now. “Organized religion didn’t work for me,” she says. “It works for some people, but it can get out of control when dogma, fundamentalism or extremism takes over. I can’t understand people who say ‘my religion is the one and only true religion,’ because no one can know that. It seems to me that all religions can possess pieces of the truth.”

She also believes that the horrors of terrorism, might equals right, the violation of the environment, religious extremism, as well as many injustices to minorities, women, gays and the poor can be healed with the feminine energy that is currently repressed.

Her journey began in August 2001 when she attended a 10-day silent retreat. “It was a transformational experience,” she says. “That is when I realized that I had to let go of much that I had learned growing up about connections with the universe/the creator/god.” She acknowledges that it was upsetting and difficult to let go of the familiar and the entrenched and to accept new realizations. Bonnie says that she believes there is a power that one can tap into through meditation, deep prayer or being in nature -and that it is a joyful, healing energy. We can use that energy to create a more loving, healthy and compassionate world.